If music is an act of caring, is care an act of music?


Tremors is an exploration of care relationships set within a rehearsing theatre company. We see four actors and a piano, working to understand the truth of care situations through their own struggles as performers. Realities blur, characters emerge and the shock of empathy sheds light. Personal, political and professional tremors shake but also awaken.


This show has emerged out of 20 years of experiences working musically with people in care situations. As a music therapist I have observed the intimate and profound impact of care upon both people living with illness and disability, and those who support them. I have facilitated composition and performance projects, co-created large scale theatrical and musical works, and devised research, all inspired by the relationships of care. First showcased in London in 2014 at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, and workshopped subsequently in 2015 as part of a research project at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, Tremors was showcased in Chicago in 2016.  Extracts have been performed as solo pieces in Festivals in the UK.  



For more information, contact: stuartwood@gmail.com