Aeriel: A groundbreaking music awareness programme for care

Recent Research Activity


Review of Found Performance Undisciplinary Symposium


“Found Performance”: Towards a Musical Methodology for Exploring the Aesthetics of Care


‘Aeriel’ is a research approach that explores Aesthetic Research in Everyday Life. This approach will bring an understanding from contemporary musicology and theatre studies to everyday situations in dementia care. These situations will concentrate on non-verbal interaction between carers and people living with dementia in moments such as dressing, moving and handling, dining or resting. By investigating natural performative aspects in these moments such as rhythmic matching, deep listening, pitch attunement, sympathetic movement and gesture, the project will find new ways of understanding care situations. In doing so, it will ask what this new understanding might offer to care staff and people living with dementia in the current economic and professional climate.


Music and Medicine sessions using comic book sound effects to explore the sounds of everyday life and their effect on mood.
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